Turbine Powered Batmobile

This street-legal, turbine-powered Batmobile took Putsch Racing 5-months to complete, and sold for a whopping $620,000 a few years back. Just to recap, it’s powered by a military-spec Boeing turbine engine culled from a drone helicopter, paired with a semi-automatic gearbox to help transfer the power from the jet turbine engine to the rear wheels. The vehicle can run on either kerosene, diesel or course jet fuel. CNET said: “You might think a car like this is destined to collect dust in an automobile museum or be carried around on a flat-bed trailer. Nobody in their right mind would let a beast like that out on the street, would they? Oh yes, they would. This bad boy is completely street-legal.” Click here to view the first image in this week’s funny school pictures gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of common physics misconceptions.