ThisPersonDoesNotExist Fake Faces
Photo credit: The Verge
We have seen the future of artificial intelligence, and it can already generate fake human portraits indistinguishable from real ones. was created by Uber software engineer Philip Wang and uses research by NVIDIA to generate fake portraits. This algorithm is trained on a dataset of real images and then uses a generative adversarial network (GAN), a type of neural network known, to fabricate these new examples. Read more for a slideshow of fake faces generated by the website.

“The underlying AI framework powering the site was originally invented by a researcher named Ian Goodfellow. Nvidia’s take on the algorithm, named StyleGAN, was made open source recently and has proven to be incredibly flexible. Although this version of the model is trained to generate human faces, it can, in theory, mimic any source. Researchers are already experimenting with other targets. including anime characters, fonts, and graffiti,” reports The Verge. Check it out here.


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