Unibody 3D Printer
Tiko 3D Printer

Priced at just $179, the Tiko 3D Printer is proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune on the technology. Thanks to an extruded aluminum unibody enclosure and a direct-drive system, the Tiko offers solid performance at a fraction of the cost, at resolutions of 50-250 microns. It has a a maximum print volume of 2.27L, integrated Wi-Fi for wireless printing, an enclosed chamber to keep prints isolated from the outside environment, and support for a wide variety of different of filament materials. Continue reading for a video and the Kickstarter page.

According to the company, “Tiko is a delta 3D printer with three sets of arms moving in unison to control the movement of the print head (more on this later). The essence of Tiko’s innovation is our discovery that delta is the ideal configuration to unlock the many benefits of unibody.” Kickstarter page.

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