This tiny dome-like device is called “Egloo”, and it can you heat your room for just 10-cents a day, without wasting any electricity. That’s right, it basically works by concentrating the heat gathered from candles placed inside a terracotta dome, radiating warmth even after the flames have gone out. The idea was developed by Marco Zagaria, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, and successfully funded through Indiegogo. Continue reading for another video and more information. Click here to view more images of the Egloo.

“Egloo is composed by four elements: the base, the grill and the two domes. The base offers a space for the positioning of the candles that, once you light them up, will warm the domes up. There is a metal grill placed on the base, serving as a support for the domes. It makes a space to let the air in, necessary for the combustion of the candles.

For the well-functioning of the Egloo only four candles are needed. With an average duration of five hours they are enough to warm up a 20mq environment. The thinner dome, placed centrally on the base, stores a high rate of heat, that is conveyed to the external dome; the dome’s air intake facilitate the outgoing of the warm air stored between the covers, allowing thermal exchange with the environment,” according to the company.

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