Tiny Leaf House

At just 97-square-feet and weighing in at under 5,000-pounds, the tiny, $40,000 Leaf 3 house is perfect for the dark Yukon winter in Pelly Crossing, as it’s designed to withstand -50°C (-58°F) conditions. It features vacuum insulated panels that have an R value of R60 per inch, R68 in the floor / roof and R38 in the walls, to keep things warm. Continue reading for a time-lapse build video and more information.

“Being so well insulated, the tiny house doesn’t need a lot of heating; In fact, all it has are two radiant electric panels totalling only 800 watts. We’re talking a hair dryer here, turned to low. The whole house can operate on less than 15 amps, what you get in one circuit through an extension cord,” according to TreeHugger.

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