Tiny Ski Lodge

Photo credit: Maximus Extreme via Hi Consumption

Capable of withstanding temperatures between -50°F and 150°F, the Tiny Ski Lodge is a 240-square-foot living space that is much more than a wooden trailer. It’s based on a 30-foot-long triple axle trailer and comes complete with a bathroom (composting toilet included), full sink / shower, a kitchenette, hobby room, as well as plenty of additional storage space. Climb upstairs, and you’ll be greeted with a sleeping loft on one end and a lounge area that leads out to a small balcony on the other. Of course, it features a standard RV-style electrical hookup and structural insulated panels to ensure that everything stays toasty during the colder winter months. Click here to view the first image in this week’s funny work pictures gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of the battle of “World War Nerf”.

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