Birthdays and weddings usually contain a cake or two, but sometimes, they just look a bit too generic. These cool geek cakes are not. The iPad cake above was created by Extra Ketchup. Continue reading to see them all — inspired by Toxel.

1. iPad Cake

Though it may not look as slick as its touchscreen counterpart, this is one iPad that most Apple fans wouldn’t mind eating. It even has plenty of apps installed. However, the dock connector port seems to be off-centered — hey, we had to find at least *one thing* wrong with it.

2. Master Chief

Finally, Halo players get their very own Master Chief helmet cake. Unfortunately, eating the visor or the entire helmet won’t reveal his true identity. Next up, the strawberry-filled Plasma Sword cake.

3. Stormtrooper

Darth Vader won’t be very happy, when he finds out that a lowly Stormtrooper was made into a cake before the villainous enforcer himself. On the bright side, it’s just a LEGO Star Wars version.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I have to admit, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon was a favorite Saturday morning pastime of mine, and so this list just had to include Raphael — even the bandana is picture perfect.

5. Mario’s Kart

Why just bake a Mario cake, when you can bake a cake that includes both the famous red plumber and his go-kart? That’s what this Nintendo fan did, and it’s a work of art.

6. PlayStation 3

Not just any PS3 cake, this one is “made of chocolate cake and fondant, around the famous Brazilian candies called Brigadeiro.” Accessories not included, unless you count the extra treats on the side.

7. Mac Mini

More often than not, Apple’s Mac Mini gets lost in the shuffle of new products being released, but this fan wanted to pay tribute to his little powerhouse. So, he baked this geeky yet elegant cake, complete with keyboard.

8. Xbox 360

Instead of receiving this incredibly geeky Xbox 360 cake for his/her own birthday, it was baked to celebrate the console’s special day. An almost exact replica of the controller was painstakingly recreated to complete the system.

9. Internet Explorer

Still the king of web browsers, at least user percentage wise, Internet Explorer finally gets an edible version. While you can’t surf the web, the cake does include that nifty yellow ring.

10. iPod Touch

It’s no iPhone HD or even the iPhone 3G S, but this iPod Touch cake was made to serve 30 people. On the inside, it’s a dark chocolate cake with dark and white Belgian chocolate truffle filling. Best of all, everything is edible.