Just about everyone who isn’t new to the internet knows about Google, but sometimes, it takes some tinkering to figure out all of its features. Continue reading to see ten of the coolest Google tricks / features that we’ve come across.

1. Currency Converter

You’ve probably needed to convert one currency into another at some point or another, and now Google has its own built-in converter. To use it, simply type in the denomination you’d like to exchange, for example: 100 yen to dollars.

2. Weather

Going on vacation tomorrow and need to know the weather in Maui, Hawaii? Well, just type in Maui weather, and you’ll be greeted with a simple 4-day weather forecast, complete with wind and humidity conditions.

3. File Search

It’s tax season, and you’ve waited until the last minute to file, but don’t have the forms. Fear not, there’s always Google file search. Using it is as easy as typing in [filename you’re looking for] filetype: [file type] — like the w9 filetype:pdf.

4. Instant Movie Showtimes

There’s no need to call up your local theater or even visit other movie websites, when you can just type Hugo showtimes directly into Google’s search box. Afterwards, you’ll be asked for your location (city), and that’s all there is to it.

5. Calculator

Here’s something you may not use everyday, but it’s nice to know that a calculator is only one search query away. For one, it can solve just about anything a real scientific calculator can, such as sin(20) / cos (10). However, you may still need to dig out your Ti-series calculator for the more advanced problems.

6. Business Search

Why use the Yellow Pages, when you can get all the pizza parlors near your location by typing in pizza 89109. That’s not all, you can also use Google’s business search function to find things like hotels, theme parks, car dealerships and more.

7. Mass of Planets

Sure, we don’t *need* to know how much Earth or Pluto weighs, but should you be bored out of your mind, just type in “Mass of “. Yes, it even works for Pluto (dwarf planet), which has a mass that is less than 0.24% of Earth’s.

8. Celebrity Heights

Who knew Brad Pitt was 5’11? If so, you probably don’t need to ask Google. For those who’d like to find out just how tall their favorite celebrities are, simply type in height, and you’ll be greeted with the answer right below Google’s search box.

9. Stock Listings

So, you just got into the stock market and want an easy way to check up on your latest investments. Just type in AAPL (or any stock ticker symbol) and you’ll know exactly what the current prices are. Best of all, by clicking the symbol, you’ll be able to view detailed information, including “Related Companies” to compare with.

10. World Clock

Last but not least, Google’s world clock always comes in handy when you’re traveling abroad and need to know what time it is back in your originating country. Typing in France time will show the clock’s time based on your current location.

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