If you’ve always wanted an easier way to rewind your DVDs, look no furthur than the “DVD Rewinder”. You’ll find that and more in this amusing list of gadgets.

DVD Rewinder

The DVD Rewinder “will spin discs backwards and plays a ‘rewind’ sound.” If that’s not enough, you can also record your own “rewind” sound for a personal touch. Yes, this is a real product and can be purchased here for $16.49.

I dunno know about you, but I just hate rewinding my DVDs manually after watching them. Just snap the disc on top, press the button and watch in wonder as your disc spins up thanks to the “Centriptal Velocity Spindle.”



Driv-e-mocion is a nifty device that attaches to your rear window and can be programmed to display a variety of messages — in form of smiling/frowning faces or words. Best of all, it’s priced at just $20 here.

Given, the four letter words may anger the person behind you even more, it is still cool to put them in their place, geekily


Head Bath Cap

If you’ve been waiting for a cap that gives your head/hair a good bath than the solution is here. Presenting the “Head Bath” cap, just place it over your head and let water start running into it. This thing not only looks funny but supposedly “helps your hair grow faster and fuller” by penetrating the pores in your scalp with the trapped water. [Source]

Toilet Paper Dispenser with iPod Dock

You’ll never miss a song even in the bathroom with Atech’s “iLounge hybrid toilet paper dispenser/iPod dock”. The iLounge supports all iPod models that have a dock connector and has an integrated USB slot for the Shuffle. Speakers are concealed in the dispenser’s arms with navigation buttons located conveniently on top for easy access. [Source]

Bra That Doubles As Shopping Bag

File this under: “Strange Japanese Inventions” Triumph Japan has unveiled a bra that doubles as a shopping bag — named the “Kawaii Bag”. Here’s how it works:

When the bra is being worn, the “shopping bag” portions are folded away inside the bra cups, where they serve as extra padding. The bra quickly converts to a shopping bag by removing the bag portions from the cups and connecting the hooks on the bra’s underwire. The lace cups serve as decoration along with the shoulder straps, which are disconnected and tied to the top of the bag as ribbons

[Source 12]

Nap Alarm

This nifty little device goes behind your ear and vibrates when it detects you are falling asleep by measuring the speed of head movements (head nodding, etc.). Perfect for boring classes, drives, and work. It costs only $15 (1,800 yen).

“With the Nap Alarm, waking up 15 minutes before said exam may be a thing of the past, though falling asleep while driving is another matter entirely.”


360-Degree Camera

For those who wish to take the ultimate panoramic picture, look no furthur than this 360-degree camera. It fits comfortably on your head and conveniently uses disposable cameras. [Source]

USB-Powered Butt Cooler

Here’s another strange Japanese gadget: the USB-powered butt cooler. This device also doubles as a seat cushion and works by blowing “cool air onto your arse via the onboard fan.” Product page here (Japanese). Jason Chen from Gizmodo notes one potential drawback:

The only downside I can see is if you let one go, the air cooler will blow it up right into your face


Tie With Built-in Wallet/Organizer

Put simply, this is one of the strangest ties we’ve come across. It has slots for just about everything, including scissors, passports, credit cards, and more.[Source]


A group of Japanese modders decided to make their own custom USB-powered BBQ using lots of USB cable, six PCI USB Adapter cards, and countless hours of hacking. Plus, the computer is fully functional. Short video demonstration after the jump. Lots of pictures here.[via Source]


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