Many USB drives are used to store data, while others are just simply pointless, expensive, or “heavy”. Continue reading to see them all.

World’s Heaviest USB Drive

Chris Spurge decided to permanentley “embed” his USB drive to a 16-pound Galaxie 3000 bowling ball in fears of losing it. One caveat: connecting it to a computer.

I can see the new trend now – flash drives stuck into Foreman grills, Karate trophies and old Pintos. The future is a beautiful place. While attaching this device to laptops and PCs within cramped confines probably isn’t desirable, it should definitely keep that precious data out of the washing machine, but we doubt this bad boy lands a strike anytime soon with such an extrusion

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007 USB Flash Drive

For those who demand the ultimate in security, check out the “007 USB Flash Drive”. This device “not only keeps would-be data thieves from getting to the thumb drive, it also will physically lock the drive to an object, such as a desk, via the steel cable.” Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

Combining the digital security of encryption with the decidedly analogue security of a bike lock, the 007 keeps your data doubly safe. If they somehow figure out that the code is your birthday, once they plug it into your computer they’ll need yet another password to access the data


Lego Brick USB Drive

Lego blocks can be used to build just about anything these days, including this USB drive. Its even got clear backing so you can view the innards. Instructions on how to build your own can be found here. [Source]

Nike Air Max 360 USB Flash Drive

Nike sent these Air Max 360 inspired, shoe-shaped USB flash drives to a select few. Unfortunately, we weren’t one of them, but enjoy these two pictures that tk snapped. Its reported that they are just samples and may be included in future Nike promotions. [Source]

USB Guitar Flash Drive

File this under: “Strange Japanese Gadgets” This 256MB USB flash drive boasts a mini guitar-inspired design and measures a svelte 160 x 46 x 20mm. One drawback, you can’t actually play the guitar. [Source]

USB Wood Sticks

It may look like a wooden stick, but Guido Ooms latest creation is actually a portable USB 2.0 storage device that comes in 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB capacities. Each one is handmade and needs to be special ordered. You can check out his page here, he has many other fascinating products like the “Lo-Res Chair”. [Source]

$765 USB Drive

File this under: “Strange USB Devices” Not only does this USB drive cost a hefty $765, it’s “stylized with crystals from Statsuma Kiriko in Japan” and features snazzy gold casing. Plus, you also get 2GB of storage for all your files. No word yet on availability.

“Bling,” as I understand it, is a slang term for flashy jewelry with diamonds and other such valuables on it. I don’t know for sure, as I’m not “from the streets” or “down” with the “kids.” Perhaps if I drop some “duckets” on this fancy USB drive I will become more hip and with it


USB Injection Needle

Made by Wide Shine Technolgy Co. (Taiwan), this syringe-shaped USB 2.0 drive can store 128MB – 1GB of your most important files. It measures 72 x 25 x 18mm and can only be ordered in lots of 1000 units. Pricing has not yet been confirmed. Here’s what Charlie (Gizmodo) has to say:

…it’s not hardly voluminous enough to give that warez mule operation of yours a shot in the arm but it might be just big enough for Flat Top to shoot Coca-Cola

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Thanko Morse Code USB Drive

If you thought USB drives couldn’t get any stranger, check out Thanko’s “Morse Code Secure USB Drive”. Available in 512MB ($59) or 1GB ($85) capacities, it requires the user to enter a password via the integrated number pad — if entered correctly, you’ll be prompted for yet another password by the software (Windows/Mac), before gaining access to the stored data. One question, how good is the “forgot password” system?[Source 12]

Indestructible USB Drive

Yes, this custom built USB drive is waterproof, anti-shock, anti-static, and can withstand up to 2,000-pounds of pressure.

The 1GB model costs $197 and the 2GB runs $247, which is less expensive when you consider it’s a (semi) handmade product that is limited to 100 units produced


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