Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 10 Strangest Custom Gaming Systems” for your enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites?

10. Colecovision Portable

Yes, this will play all your old school Colecovision games like “Donkey Kong”, “Galaxian”, and “Zaxxon” in all their 16 color glory. Ben Heckendorn, creator of the NES Micro, made a custom case, tore apart an old Colecovision system, designed his own controller, and put it all together into the sleek package you see above. It features A/V outputs, an auxiliary power input, and a reflective black vinyl case with brushed aluminum accents. Unfortunately, this one-of-a-kind system was built by request and has already been sold. [Source]

9. NEStation

The NEStation is one of the most unique custom systems we’ve ever come across. A French modder painted his NES completely black with blue accents, created a custom vertical stand, installed four blue LEDs, and than carved in a PS2-style logo on its side.[Source]

8. The nPod

The nPod is Ben Heck’s latest gaming console, featuring a 3.5-inch LCD display, custom machined case (only 41mm thick), and a rear-loading cartridge slot. It’s powered by 4 AA batteries and can play any NES game. [Source]

7. Portable Sega CDX

Most of you may not remember the CDX, it combined the Sega Genesis and Sega CD into one console. SegaSonicFan‘s portable CDX sports a 5″ display, JP/US import switch, second headphone jack, S-Video output, external controller switch, and a built-in automatic scan FM radio. It even plays 32X games.

6. Gamecube-to-Go

Gamelver spent a great deal of time constructing this portable Gamecube — especially the case. It looks to feature external controller ports for multiplayer action, along with a pair speakers. Other specifications have not yet been released.

5. NESPlusSega

This all-in-one machine can play both Sega Genesis and NES games. The case was made from custom molded ABS plastic and features controller ports for both systems. [Source]

4. Handheld Atari Jaguar

The Jaguar was the world’s first gaming system with two 32-bit processors. Unfortunately, the system met its demise in early 1996 due to poor sales. Well Dave decided to pay tribute with this portable Jaguar.

3. Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini

Kotomi took one of those 6-in-1 Sega TV game devices and turned it into a Genesis/Mega Drive mini, complete with cartridge slot. One potential drawback, he doesn’t mention if the cartridge slot is functional — it’s an interesting project none the less. One more picture after the jump.

2. Dreamcast Portable

Dave took on an ambitous project when he created this portable Dreamcast from scratch. It features a custom designed case, 5″ LCD display, and a built-in 16MB memory card. Powered by two rechargeable batteries, its good for up to 1 1/2 hours of playtime.

1. PlayStation 2 Portable


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