Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 10 Strangest Desks and Tables” for your weekend enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites?

10. Novotable

With its retro-style design and plethora of gaming options, the Novotable aims to provide quality entertainment. It sports a 32-inch display mounted horizonatally, dual joysticks, subwoofer, ShuttlePC, and either a PS2 or XBox gaming console. Pricing has not yet been confirmed.

You also get a a stainless steel keyboard to swap out the controllers in case you want to use your multi-thousand dollar device (actual price: unknown, but presumed high) for something other than playing the biggest pixelated hits of the 80’s

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9. Lambda Table

One of our readers sent in this interesting clip, which shows what the “Lambda Table” — a high-resolution tiled LCD table and interaction device — is capable of. You can find this device at the Electronic Visualization Lab (University of Illinois at Chicago).

8. World Cup 2006 Powerdesk

For $15,000, the World Cup 2006 Powerdesk includes a PC system, an integrated 320W speaker system, 19-inch LCD monitor, and a mini-fridge. All PC hardware components are concealed within the desk. Official site here.

The PC has a TV card installed so that live matches broadcast on television can be screened on the desk’s LCD screen. In the front of the desk embedded within the thickness of the workstation there are two USB ports and a DVD/CD rewriter…


7. Folding Computer Bed/Desk

For around $2079, you could buy this nifty folding computer bed. It features gas pistons which assist in the bed to desk transformation and also dampens the natural action of weight transfer. Check it out here.[Source]

6. Catchyoo Interactive Table

Ths interactive table is 100% computer vision based and has no sensors — the images change according to the time and people.

5. iPod Concerto Table

Designed by Nicholas Lovegrove and Demian Repucci, this piano-shaped table has a built-in iPod dock along with a pair of speakers. It was recently on display at the Apple store in NYC. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced. More info here.[Source]

4. “The Wing”

Put simply, “The Wing” is one of the coolest computer tables we’ve seen. The desk is made from a machined airplane wing and the MacBook is connected to a wall-mounted flat panel. A wireless keyboard and mouse were added as finishing touches. One more picture after the jump.[Source]

3. Humanlocator Table

This interactive table works by “having a projector shine a video image down onto the table, and when a hand moves through the beam, a motion sensor picks it up and manipulates the image on trippy ways”. Video after the jump.

The multiple award winning Tabu Ultra Lounge at the Las Vegas MGM Grand has been recently renovated with the addition of 5 interactive tables

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2. The Mini Desk

Made by MiniStatements, the “Mini Desk” looks good enough to drive. The entire desk is constructed from what looks like a real Mini with its top chopped off, interior gutted, and left door panel removed. It supposedly retails at a whopping $4,400.[Source]

1. Sony Data Tile Table

We have seen the future of portable computing, and it’s data tiles. Tagged transparent tiles are used to show dynamic graphical information when placed on a sensor-enhanced display.

“I am interested in designing a new human computer interaction style for highly portable computers, that will be situation-aware and assistance-oriented rather than command oriented.” Jun Rekimoto, Director, Interaction Laboratory, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.


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