The next best thing to owning an iPod is having a cool dock, or so we’d like to think. Check out ten of the strangest that we’ve ever come across.

10. Hello Kitty iPod Dock

This Hello Kitty speaker dock features a high-efficiency digital amplifier, 2 x 1-inch woofers, electronic volume control, 2W x 2 output, line-out jack, and an LED power indicator. It’s compatible with the iPod 3G/4G/5G, Photo, Mini, and Nano. [Source]

9. RAZER Keyboard iPod Dock

RAZER, known for their gaming mice, has released a keyboard with an integrated iPod dock. All the standard features – such as programmable keys and USB 2.0 connectivity – should be there. It’s just as functional for work or play and will be priced at around $99. [Source]

8. The iLamp

The iLamp is not only a functional desk lamp, it boasts an iPod dock and built-in stereo speakers. That’s not all, the iLamp comes in six different designs, each with unique bulbs and wacky names, priced at a reasonable $89USD.

…you can plug in other players, too — anything with a headphone jack, really. There are even versions of the iLamp Collection that include desktop organizers so you have a place for your pens, clips and other small items

[Source 12]

7. Waterproof iPod Speaker Dock

StuffMagazine puts this speaker dock to the test by dunking it in a water-filled sink. Does it hold up? Find out after the jump.

The Music Showcase floats with an iPod inside, and you can even control what’s playing using the rubber membrane, though you have to press quite firmly. There’s also an all-important volume control on the front of the speaker. For such a small speaker dock, it pumps up surprisingly loud, rivalling the desk-bound likes of Altec Lansing’s InMotion for maximum volume


6. Optimus Prime iPod Dock

File this under: “Strange iPod Accessories“. At $144, the Optimus Prime iPod dock features stereo speakers — when transformed — and doubles as an expensive toy. This Apple-licensed gadget his shelves in July.

When in truck configuration, the 4.2 pound toy serves as a dock, with two speakers of unspecified output. It will work with all standard size iPods, though not the Shuffle. We’re guessing it can be battery powered, since the site mentions that there is also an AC connector

[Source 12]

5. Jukebox iPod Dock

Similar to the Wurlitzer, this vintage-styled jukebox from Pacific Rim Technologies boasts a universal docking cradle that’s compatible with all iPod models. Plus, it features a snazzy LED lighting system, 6-inch subwoofer, CD player, FM radio, two magnetically shielded tweeters, two mid-range drivers, and S-Video/RCA connections. [Source]

4. iPod-in-an-iPod Dock

Andrew Monks has created a strange iPod dock made from a 3rd-generation player. Unfortunately, no other information was provided on how to build your own. More pictures here.

…tearing open his existing iPod dock, jamming it through the top end of his 3G iPod (which we really hope wasn’t still functional), pushing it through a slot he fashioned in the glass of his defunct screen…


3. R2-D2 iPod Dock

At $2,520, this R2-D2 robot features “a projector, DVD player, iPod connection and wireless FM transmission.”

As well as pumping out tunes from your iPod, the genius addition of a projector means R2 can slap pictures on the wall or ceiling. Seeing him limbo into position for the latter is both hilarious and brilliant at the same time


2. Miuro – Robotic iPod Dock

What sets ZMP’s Miuro apart from other iPod docks is that it “will actually follow you around the house” like a robot. This egg-shaped device measures 14-inches wide and weighs a hefty 9-pounds. Available now in Japan, priced at a whopping $930.

…available in either white, black, yellow, or red — responds to your commands via the included remote, and can gain a little more autonomy with the addition of optional cameras and sensors


1. iPod Dock Made From Stone

Brand Incubator introduces iPod Docks that are made from stone. They come in two models i-Stones Wabi for the iPod Mini and than the i-Stones Sabi for the regular iPod. Both versions connect to your PC via USB 2.0 and weigh in at 1.7kg (Wabi) / 2.0kg (Sabi).

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