For those with just too much money, check out our “Top 10 Strangest (or Coolest) Luxury Gadgets” list. Which ones are your favorites?

10. $13,995.95 Velocipede

The black and yellow Velocipede is the world’s first human powered vehicle with an ultra strong carbon fiber monocoque chassis. Designed by Michael Goretzky, this vehicle weighs only 60 lbs. and has two forward 20″ wheels, perfect for those twisties. You’ll find a “slipstream airfoil shape” cockpit and recumbent seat on the inside. Now here’s the real shocker, it costs $13,999.95.

“…the customized vehicle combines the low-impact exercise benefits of a recumbent bicycle with the stability of a three-wheeled cruiser and the aerodynamics of a concept automobile.”


9. $15,000 ELP Laser Turntable

For all the vinyl lovers out there, ELP has just the thing for you, a laser turntable with a contact-free optical system and mechanically independent left/right lasers. You can easily adjust the laser position using a button found on the front. One potential negative, it costs $15,000.

In some cases, the LT plays even broken records when all the pieces are placed on a tray without tape or glue. Not only that, but this unit is also impervious to the sounds of “footsteps on the floor, door slamming, or other vibrations in the area that would cause feedback”.


8. $20,000 Kodak V570 Camera

Kodak and Kiwiat Diamonds have partnered to give each “Best Actress” nominee at the 78th Academy Awards a V570 camera personalized with their initials in 75 brilliant-cut diamonds. Valued at a whopping $20,000, these cameras are the ultimate luxury gadget for celebrities. [Source]

7. $24,000 Gaming PC

Voodoo’s “Elementals OMEN” is the world’s most expensive gaming PC. Boasting a gold case with Allure finish, an AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core processor, 4GB of Corsair 3500LL memory, “Supercharged Intercooler”, four 500GB HGST SATA hard drives, dual ATi Radeon X1900XTX 512MB SS GPUs in SLI-configuration, and a large 46-inch Samsung Syncmaster 8ms Gaming LCD monitor to top it off. It costs a whopping $23,943.54 here.

6. $25,000 Gold Gameboy

Not your ordinary GameBoy, this one has a screen lined with pave diamonds and a case made out of solid 18K gold. Plus, it comes in a blue leather briefcase — which holds your system, accessories, and games. Those with $25,000 to spare, can buy direct from Swiss Supply.

5. $50,000 MP3 Player

The $50,000 “Presidential” MP3 player features 1GB of flash memory, an OLED display, video support, and PlayForSure compatibility. That’s not all, a private escort will personally hand deliver the player to your door.

Of course, you aren’t just buying the MP3 player, but membership into an elite club of other people who have got more money than sense. Members will also get to join the DJ community, so you can enjoy a range of benefits which go beyond the mp3 player


4. $75,000 Motorola SLVR

If you thought Vertu phones were expensive, then check out this $75,000 Motorola SLVR — “outlined with 260 diamonds which had been brought proportionally from all parts of the globe and also with platinum plates”. It’s currently on display at the Fresh Art “Zoom” Exhibition. [Source]

3. LG’s $132,000 71-inch Plasma

At $132,000, LG’s 71PY10 is the world’s most expensive Plasma display, with 24K gold casing (4 pounds) and a limited production run of just 1000 units. Features include 1920 x 1080 resolution, HDMI, SCART, and a 600W home theater system. A less expensive — $95,000 — black version is also available.

The 71PY10 is available now in the LG iGallery at Harrods and from independent retailers nationwide.


2. $336,557 Laptop

What makes this laptop worth $336,557 USD? To start, the circular shaped Tulip E-Go laptop has brilliant cut diamonds which are pave set with “surgical precision”. Plus, it also features an AMD 64 Turion Processor, 1GB PC3200 DDR RAM, ATI Radeon Xpress X200 Graphics Card, 100GB SATA Hard Drive, and 12.1″ Widescreen WXGA Display.

“Tulip developed the E-Go lifestyle laptop to meet what it sees as a growing tendency towards design and personalisation. It’s an easy going device that has the ability to reflect the individual personality and mood of the owner by changing the covers.”


1. $1,000,000 Cell Phone

Put simply, Gold Vish’s “Le Million De Lu Nuit” is the world’s most expensive cell phone — encrusted with 120 carats worth of VVS-1 grade diamonds. It features a camera with 8x digital zoom, 2GB of memory, Bluetooth, MP3 player, USB connectivity, EDGE, and an FM tuner. There’s only one available in the world, designed by Emmanuel Gueit. [Source]

Honorable Mention – $5,000 64GB USB Flash Drive

For $5,000 you could either buy several top of the line computers, or this 64GB USB flash drive. Buslink’s Pro 2 line of USB drives also comes in 32GB and 16GB capacities, with prices starting at a whopping $1,500. [Source]

Honorable Mention – $1.2-Million Maserati MC12 Corsa

Priced at a whopping $1.2-million, the 2535-pound Maserati MC12 Corsa sports a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and a V12 engine — producing 755hp @ 8000rpm — mated to a Cambiocora gearbox. It comes in a “Blue Victory” color and will go on sale next year, with production not exceeding 12 units worldwide.

The MC12 Corsa has been developed from the MC12 GT1 type which won the 2005 FIA GT Manufacturers Cup. It will be used exclusively on track during private test sessions – or exhibition activities organised by Maserati



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