For our Sunday edition, we present to you the “Top 10 Strangest Solar Gadgets”. Which ones are your favorites?

10. A-Data Solar Disk

Available in 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities, the A-Data Solar Disk thumb drive sports a solar powered LCD panel which displays the remaining memory capcity. [Source]

9. Solar Powered LED Light

The LightCap is basically a solar powered water bottle which has a built-in LED light in its lid. It features a waterproof solar panel, battery pack, and “will stay bright for hours while the rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries will last for at least 300 cycles” on a four hour charge — in sunlight. This device measures 8 ¼” tall and 3 ¾” wide with a 32 oz capacity. No word yet on pricing and availability.

Set it in the sun or hang it from a railing during the day and you’ll have light all night long!


8. The Solar Tent

Available in 4-person ($150) or 6-person ($200) models, this nifty tent is equipped with a 7-inch solar panel — which captures sunlight to power the interior LED lights or for charging batteries.

The 7″ (18 cm) solar panel is placed on the top of the tent’s hub and clicked into place. The fly is then placed on top of solar panel & tent, and sun will charge the panel through the clear PVC window at the top of the fly

[Source 12]

7. Solar Powered Rain Sensor

Finally, a solar powered rain sensor that automatically shuts off your sprinklers so you won’t have to. Once rain is detected – from one-eighth inch to one inch – a wireless signal is sent from the receiver (up to 200m) that automatically shuts off your timer system. [Source]

6. Sunflower Solar Power Station

The Sunflower might be the best designed solar power station ever created for the home and office. Solar panels found up top provide power throughout the day, while the rechargeable solar battery keeps things working at night. Also included is an integrated solar powered music system complete with speakers which is sure to liven up your room. No word yet on pricing or availability. [Source]

5. MSI’s Solar Mega Player 540

MSI presents the “Solar Mega Player 540”, an MP3 player that uses a solar module to charge its lithium-ion battery, good for up to 10 hours of continuous use. [Source]

4. Solar Powered Cooling Pith

Four compact solar panels up top power a miniature fan that keeps you cool on hot days. When the sun isn’t out – this hat takes 2 AA batteries to keep things going. It’s crafted from weather-resistant coated linen straw for all-weather use. [Source]

3. Power Purse

Designed by doctoral student Jo Hynek, the “Power Purse” puts function over form. This fashion-friendly gadget is covered with solar panels, designed to charge all your mobile accessories — including cell phones, mp3 players, etc. One drawback, it costs a whopping $300. [Source]

2. Solar Powered Address’o’Gauge

This nifty solar-powered “Address’o’Gauge” is easily mountable at 1-foot wide and can display up to five numbers.

If you happen to live in an odd part of town that is damn near impossible for delivery drivers to find, this may be a good addition to your household


1. Solar Powered Wooden Copter

Priced at $32, this wooden helicopter “has a solar cell located on the top of the rotors that will cause the blades to spin when the toy is placed in a sunny spot”. Unfortunately, that’s about all it does. More information here.

For those whose lives are cluttered with obligations, appointments and confusion, maybe it’s time to simplify with this wooden helicopter that pretty much sits there and does almost nothing

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