Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 10 Strangest (or Coolest) Wireless Gadgets” that we’ve come across in recent time. Which ones are your favorites?

10. Samsung’s Wireless Digital Photo Frame

For camera phone buffs, this latest gadget from Samsung lets you wirelessly transmit images to a digtal photo frame. It also doubles as a media player with support for MP3 and MPEG formats. The SPL-07 offers a 7-inch LCD display, 32MB of built-in memory, an SD/CF memory card slot, USB connectivity, and a speaker.[Source]

9. World’s Smallest Color Wireless Camera

For just $259, you could own the “World’s Smallest Color Wireless Camera” — measuring just 1″ x 1″, it can be concealed just about anywhere. It’s powered by a single 9V battery and runs for approx. 10 hours — transmitting all video to TV channel 59.

I’m sure the FBI the NSA or even MI6 have even smaller versions. However this is most likely the smallest color wireless camera readily available to consumers


8. USB Wireless Lock

One quick way to protect your computer is with Brando’s “USB Wireless Lock”, it boasts a transmitter that locks up Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP as someone nears. If an intruder decides to smash the receiver into tiny bits and pieces, a password is still needed to unlock the computer. The included software lets you set the timer control for up to 8 hours of monitoring. Available here for $27.00.

7. Smart Zipel – The Wireless TV Fridge

For those who spend more time in the kitchen than an office, there’s the Smart Zipel. This ultra-chic fridge has an integrated 10.4-inch wireless web pad that can connect to all compatible devices such as your TV or the internet. [Source]

6. Floor It! Racing

Designed for 7 – 10+ year olds, Floor It! brings the arcade car racing experience to life. The basic idea is to get kids out and about instead of sitting at home playing video games. It’s currently being developed for Mattel. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

“The radio controlled cars sense and react to arcade racing style course conditions like oil slicks, turbo power-ups, water hazards, and more. The Floor It! race cars are controlled with a realistic free floating steering wheel.”


5. Gyration Wireless Air Mouse

There’s two ways to use the Gyration G2 Wireless Air Mouse, like a standard mouse or by waving it around in the air. You can assign up to 70 different actions to the G2’s 7 different buttons. See it in action above (Quake 3). [Source]

4. Orb Wireless Router

Breaking completley from the standard design for routers, the Orb is striking yet innovative. It consists of two sections: a network homeplug that “transfer(s) the network signal into the normal electricity network” and a wireless router with integrated light-bulb connector.

“Thanks to the built-in standard light bulb connector the wireless router can plug on to any standard light bulb housing, allowing the wireless router to receive the power and the network signal from the normal electricity network.”


3. AXbo’s Wireless Alarm Clock

For an alarm clock that monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you at the best possible time, look no furthur than aXbo’s Sleep Phase Alarm Clock. With support for up to two people, the Sleep Phase includes a sweatband with built-in sensor that wirelessly transmits your sleep pattern info to the clock. Ensuring that you don’t oversleep, the alarm will sound within a 30 minute window before your desired wake time. [Source]

2. Wireless Digital Shower

Wake up, press a button, and you could have a nice hot shower waiting for you with Grohtherm’s new device. The Wireless Digital Shower lets you set water temperature and flow rate via a control panel. A remote control allows you to turn on/off the shower from anywhere in the house. That’s not all, Grohe’s TurboStat technology instantly reacts to any change in water pressure which prevents the shower from suddenly becoming too hot or icy cold.[Source]

1. Tiny Wireless Computer

Compulab has announced “a computer that manages to cram a complete PDA into a device two-thirds the size of a credit card”. It measures only 4.4 x 6.6 cm yet manages to pack an Intel XScale processor, 128MB RAM, AC’97 sound, Philips 802.11b WLAN, four USB ports, and a PCI bus. Prices start at just $47. [Source]

Honorable Mention – NYSE Handheld

Made by IBM, this wireless handheld computer allows stock brokers to easily monitor transactions on the New York Stock Exchange floor. It features a compact design and is battery powered to ensure maximum portability.

“The value of the design is in its usability, comfort features and the user experience, while solving the challenge of designing a professional-looking product that has a very dynamic use.”