Donuts, you either love em or hate em, but regardless of your preference, here’s three of the coolest machines that allow you to make the tasty treat at home. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Mini Donut Factory

Gone are the days of visiting your local bakery or supermarket for freshly made donuts. Meet the Mini Donut Factory from ThinkGeek. This gadget bakes fresh donuts in less than 4-minutes, and in a much healthier way than its deep fried counterparts. Simply pour in the batter, close the clamshell, and you’re ready to cook.

2. Dough-nu-Matic

Think of the Dough-nu-Matic as a must-have for all donut fans. While it may look small, this machine automatically forms, fries, and then drains mini doughnuts in under 60-seconds. For more flavor, just put them in a small bag and shake them up with sugar, coca, cinammon, etc.

3. Donut Man

Here it is, the one and only Donut Man SS1200 machine. We saved the best for last, as this machine is capable of cranking out 1200 mini-doughnuts every hour. Featuring ultra quick setup (minutes), a quick-change hopper system, minimum maintenance, and a design that’s very easy to clean, composed of 7 basic components.