When travelers stay at hotels, the pool is an amenity that is often overlooked, if the visit should fall during the colder months. However, here are three amazing pools you shouldn’t miss. Continue reading to see them all — image above via.

[via Yahoo]

1. San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

The San Alfonso del Mar’s (Algarrobo, Chile) pool measures 2/3 a mile in length and is claimed to be the world’s largest. It’s so large that there are a host of man-made sand beaches for guests to use.

2. Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

Out of all the beautiful 5-star hotels in Las Vegas, why is the Golden Nugget on this list you ask? Well, the recent $30-million renovation now lets you swim with the sharks, literally. A giant shark tank was built right in the center of things, in addition to a 3-story water slide.

3. Hotel Caruso Belvedere, Italy

Pictures speak a thousand words, and as you can tell, the Hotel Caruso Belvedere will leave you breathless at the sight of its pool. The open-air design provides guests with a view that is unmatched by any other pool in the world.


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