AquaFarm v2 isn’t just an ordinary fish aquarium, this one is self-cleaning. In other words, fish waste is used to fertilize the plants, and then the plants act as a biofilter to purify the water, which means you never have to clean the aquarium. You can grow all kinds of foods and herbs including: basil, wheatgrass, organic beans, spinach, oregano, baby greens and more. Best of all, the package includes everything you need to get started, such as a water pump, organic seeds and a discount coupon for a Betta fish. Product page. Continue reading for more.

5. Labyrinth Aquarium

Why settle for just one tank, when you could have five or more interconnected tanks? Introducing the Labyrinth Aquarium from Opulent Items. This maze-like collection of fish tanks are all safely and securely connected through tunnels, enabling your fish to travel from sphere to sphere. You can choose from three different colors.

4. Aquarium Bed

For fish lovers with $11,500 burning a hole in their pocket, this aquarium bed might be something to consider. Acrylic Tank Manufacturers’ creation need to be filled with 650-gallons of water, and is made to order. It literally surrounds your head, replicating the feeling of sleeping underwater while enjoying all of the wild life living within your home aquarium.

3. ZeroEdge Aquarium

ZeroEdge Aquariums can be thought of as an infinity pool for your fish friends. Designed for specifically for home use, they feature a rimless, open top design that allows water to overflow, spilling right down the sides of the glass creating a stunning effect. The overflow blends seamlessly with the glass, filling up in the reservoirs before being pumped back into the tank via the return lines.

2. Moody Aquarium Sink

Called the “Moody Aquarium Sink”, this beautiful $4500 fish tank sink is unlike any other, in that it features a removable top for easy access when it comes time to clean the inside of the tank, but also two circular entries on either side of the sink bowl, perfect for feeding your fish friends. It comes complete with a built-in sink light, filtration system, water circulation, and oxygenation.

1. Ocean Kitchen

Designed by Robert Kolenik, the Ocean Kitchen is installed beneath a minimalist kitchen countertop, without affecting any of the cooking or food prep functionality. Precise mechanical installations allow the top counter to raise up and lower at the push of a button. Since the counter is L-shaped, there is plenty of room for standard-sized drawers and cabinets.

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