When is a desk, not just something you use to work on? When it’s designed to look like the famous Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite scene. That is just one of the many cool and geeky desks we’ve rounded up for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see more.

5. Mobile Desk

IDEO and steelcase teamed up to design Node, a school desk that combines storage, a chair and a writing surface all in one mobile unit. The seat is mounted on a rolling platform that has storage for their belongings underneath and a large writing surface with a hook for hanging a bag. The seat is a single shell and the table is large enough for writing and laptop use.

4. Armadillo Desk

Sophie Kirkpatrick has the perfect solution for your plight; a desk with a hood! Pull it up when you want to shut out the world and concentrate on the task; pull it down when you are ready to mingle. The Duplex Workspace is a one off prototype but the inventor is looking into developing the concept and is currently on the lookout for the funding and facilities to do so.

3. TIE Fighter Desk

TIE fighters are fictional starfighters in the Star Wars universe. Propelled by Twin Ion Engines (hence the TIE acronym), TIE fighters are depicted as fast, fragile starfighters produced by Sienar Fleet Systems for the Galactic Empire. Several TIE fighter replicas and toys, as well as a TIE flight simulator, have been released by merchandise companies.

2. TrekDesk

Too busy to work out on a daily basis? Turn to the TrekDesk treadmill desk, which encourages you to walk slowly on a treadmill while you talk to clients, type up proposals, or catch up on your email. Designed to attach to most existing treadmills, the TrekDesk was originally built for offices, with a variety of features meant to keep employees productive and fit throughout the day. The desktop offers a generous workspace that measures 72 inches long by 34 inches wide.

1. Steampunk Desk

The desk features dozens of gears of different sizes that all sync together. The effect is such that the entire desk is “running” under its own power. The framework of the desk is wood with oversized rivets and bolts added to complete the look. Also, the legs are designed to mimic the look of swing-arms found on almost every motor on the road. The keyboard tray is also integrated into the gearing system.

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