How cool would it be to own a rug designed to look like the moon? That is just one of the many cool gadgets and accessories that companies have cleverly designed to look like everyday objects. Continue reading to see more.

5. Fork Cable Winder

It’s a pain when your desk is cluttered with cables and the only way to neatly organize them is with zip ties. Thanks to this fork-inspired cable winder, you can now organize things with a simple twirl, similar to what you’d do with spaghetti.

4. Cigarette Pencils

Quitting smoking is harder said than done, but what better way to start than by chewing on pencils that look like them? In addition to being able to write down just about anything, you can safely chew on these without worrying about toxic chemicals entering your body.

3. Speech Bubble Speaker

Internet comics are the rage now days, and the speech bubble is something they can’t do without. This geeky speaker was designed to look just like one, rectangular-ish shape and all. For stereo sound just pick up a pair of these and you’ll be ready to go.

2. Wooden Log Post-it Notes

At first glance, this may actually appear to be a real block of wood, but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it’s just hundreds of Post-it notes. Since the design is so bold, we recommend using a brightly covered pen to ensure that your message is seen.

1. Peel Light

According to its designer, the creative Peel Light “is part of the architecture of the room, but the purposefully exposed cable reveals that the light’s placement is temporary. The light is held up with a simple steel bracket that mounts to the wall and an aluminum frame; a fabric diffuser magnetically attaches to the frame to complete the lamp.”