Summer is great for camping, trekking, outdoor activities, but definitely not setting up tents. Breaking away from the standard designs are these five cool yet geeky tents. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Tree Tents

Love camping, but hate the creepy crawlies that manage to sneak in while you set up your tent? Worry no more, tree tents are here. These geeky structures even come with a built-in viewing window for those sunrise and sunset views, or to see if any animals are trying to steal your gear. They are “composed of a steel frame wrapped in canvas and measure 13-feet-tall with a nine-foot diameter.”

2. Car Tent

Called the car tent, this thing looks just like a real vehicle and occupies a full-sized parking spot. Unfortunately, it won’t prevent you from getting a parking ticket, should the law enforcement officer realize you’re actually just sleeping in the spot. A hard-bodied Ferrari or Lamborghini shell may be realistic enough to deter the parking police, but definitely not curious bystanders.

3. Solar Tent

The problem with most tents is that they don’t have a power source for you to plug in a television or other geeky creature comforts. Fortunately, Orange’s Chill-n-Charge does. This structure features a central wireless control hub that shows just how much energy is being consumed, as well as providing Wi-Fi internet access. Plus, “wireless charging pouches would charge cell phones and handheld devices via magnetic induction.”

4. 2-Second Tent

The Decathlon is literally a tent that can be deployed in just 2-seconds. Simply remove it from the carrying case, throw the tent up in the air, and you’re ready to sleep. It’s water proof, comfortably sleeps 2, and can be folded back up in just 15-seconds, according to Travelizmo.

5. Modular Tent

If you’ve got several friends and just one tent? The Modular Tent Concept may be just what you need. Simply put, the design can withstand the worst of snowstorms and separates into three different sections for easy transport. Best of all, “the tent can be molded, from one-person to six-person, according to the size of the crew.”