When you get tired of modding computers, game consoles, cell phones, and other boring electronics, there’s always the option of building a functional flamethrower with whatever you have laying around. Continue reading to see five of the coolest homemade flamethrowers ever.

1. LEGO Flamethrower

While the idea of plastic and fire should never be combined, this homemade LEGO flamethrower is quite awesome to say the least. It features a candle-powered, fuel can-activated design, complete with trigger action.

2. Super Soaker Flamethrower

Summer is great for many things, like going to amusement parks, hanging out with friends, shooting random people with water guns, and using the latter to build flamethrowers? That’s right, these guys managed to create working Super Soaker flamethrowers.

3. Scooter Flamethrower

What do you get when you combine a scooter with a flamethrower? A very dangerous Direct Bikes Sports Scooter that’s capable of melting the bumpers off just about any vehicles that get stuck behind it in traffic.

4. Backpack Flamethrower

YouTuber user unclebrady built this awesome homemade flamethrower using: “a 5-gallon tank for gasoline, a small tank of argon to pressurize the gas tank to ~100 psi via a welding regulator, and a small propane tank to power the pilot light under the tip of the gun.”

5. Robosapien Flamethrower

By itself, WowWee’s Robosapien is already a fun robot to toy around with, but adding a flamethrower takes the robot to a whole new level of awesomeness. Best of all, you can control everything with a hacked remote.


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