Jetpacks aren’t just things you see in movies and / or comics anymore, as several companies have already made them a reality. They range from water-powered versions to ones that actually allow you to fly in the air. Continue reading to see three of the coolest examples.

5. Go Fast Jet Pack

What do you get when you combine 5-years of development, with $1-million? The world’s longest flying jetpack, capable of a 32-second flight. Jetpack International is currently working on a consumer model that will be priced at $200,000. Unfortunately, it’s not designed for speed or height. One a side note, “the ‘Go Fast Jet Pack’ has been the vision of Troy Widgery since his childhood memories of James Bond in ‘Thunderball.'”

4. Martin Jetpack

The $75,000 Martin Jetpack is just months away from release, and to use it, “you just strap it on and rev the nuts out of it and it lifts you up off the ground.” Mr Martin says 2,500 people have already signed up for to buy the jetpack, with inquiries coming from Middle Eastern royalty and U.S. millionaires.

3. Jetlev R200

For a mere $236 per day, you can rent the Jetlev R200 jetpack. This device “propels fliers up to 30ft into the air by sucking up ocean water and powering it back through the pack.” The Jetlev R200 has a harness that straps the user into the jetpack’s frame, two handles for steering and stability, a throttle for speed control, and two water jets that forcefully propel out streams of water that is pumped in through a hose.

2. Ski Jetpack

Troy Harman was tired of skiing in the normal sense. So, he created his own jetpack using two engines from a decommissioned military Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Believe it or not, these engines deliver enough power to thrust him around the slopes at 47-mph using just half throttle.

1. Jet Pack T-73

Jetpack International makes flying easy, or at least for 9-minutes, with the T-73. This is a turbine-powered that can reach speeds of up to 83 mph. This flying wonder is still under development, so pricing and availability have yet to be announced, though you can expect to pay at least $200,000 for the luxury of your very own jetpack.

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