While Microsoft may not be the frontrunner in the technology world anymore, they still have come up with some cool technologies and inventions over the years. We’ve rounded up five of the greatest examples for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see more.

5. Muscle-Controlled Computer

Microsoft Research introduces an innovative muscle-controlled input system in which EMG sensors are connected to the arms and then used to detect “finger gestures based on the muscle movement picked up by those sensors.” It does away for the need of a pesky camera (or Power Glove) to read complicated hand gestures, and can even sense modified versions of the gestures to be performed while your hands are full.

4. Pinch-the-Sky Dome

Microsoft Research’s Pinch-the-Sky project is the result of combining a geodesic dome, omni-directional projector, camera, multi-touch technology, and a 3D model of our solar system. We’ve always been suckers for Minority Report tech, and Microsoft Research’s latest attempt is not to be missed.

3. OmniTouch

Microsoft Research unveils OmniTouch, which when used in conjunction with PoketTouch, transforms just about any surface into a touchscreen interface. In other words, “Microsoft researchers using Kinect technology and pico projectors created the two applications because they wanted to take advantage of the vast amount of flat spaces in the world.”

2. Instant Response Touchscreen

Microsoft Research’s Applied Science Group has developed a “a next-generation touchscreen which can respond to touch input in less than one millisecond.” Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when this technology will be hitting tablets and smartphones.

1. Gaze Control

Keyboards are so yesterday, or at least that’s what Tobii would like you to think. Simply put “Swedish ‘eye tracking’ experts Tobii are to unveil a ‘Gaze’ eye controller for the Microsoft’s new Windows 8, which can control a mouse pointer to around a quarter of an inch accuracy.”

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