While it may not be weaponized like the Batpod from The Dark Knight trilogy, this custom version is a masterpiece nonetheless. The bike has 20″ front and rear tires and is powered by a high-performance, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine – geared toward the lower end for faster acceleration. The exhaust is routed through the hollow steel/aluminum/magnesium tubing used for the frame of the bike. Continue reading for mrore.

5. Norman Reedus (Walking Dead) Yamaha XV920R

There’s no denying that Daryl Dixon is one of the most popular characters on The Walking Dead, especially because of his motorcycle. So, Norman Reedus decided to team up with John Ryland of Classified Moto create the masterpiece you see above. It’s based on the Yamaha XV920R and built specifically for the backroads of Georgia (where The Walking Dead is filmed). Featuring a set of Avon Distanzia Dual Sport tires, a fully rebuilt Yamaha V-twin engine, a Benelli Mojave 260 fuel tank, and lots more.

4. Fallout 3

Chris Riffel just might be the ultimate Fallout 3 fan, as he’s built a apocalyptic motorcycle inspired by the game. Even though he’s just a high school student, Chris received the help of a few talented friends and teachers during the building process. The engine was sourced from a scrap yard and the steel was cut and welded locally.

3. Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle

Looking for an eco-friendly motorcycle? Then look no further than the Johammer J1, an electric motorcycle from Austria-based designer Johann Hammerschmid and his small team of experts. This sleek motorcycle features an electric motor that is integrated directly into the rear wheel, a front wheel that uses hub-center steering, a double wishbone style front suspension mechanism, and side mirrors that offer a high-resolution display showing speed, range and other vital bits of data.

2. 1930 KJ Henderson Custom

While it may look like something straight from an automotive museum, the 1930 KJ Henderson Custom is actually the creation of Frank Westfall of Syracuse, NY. Beneath the retro bodywork is an inline-4 air-cooled engine. According to HiConsumption, “among the changes Frank made were taking the bike’s original two-tone color scheme and instead going all black. It was first unveiled at the Rhinebeck Grand National Meet in 2010, and the ooh-and-ahh reverberations are still being felt.”

1. Gunbus 410: The World’s Largest Motorcycle

From a great distance, the Gunbus 410 appears to be any old motorcycle, but up close, you’ll see that it towers over a standard crotch rocket. Measuring in at 11.6 feet long and 4.9 feet high, the Gunbus 410 has been fitted with a 38″ wheel up front, and a gigantic 42″ wheel in the back. It tips the scales at 1433-pounds and has a 6.7L twin-cylinder engine that produces 350 horsepower and 523 lb-ft of torque. Want one? Expect to shell out $350,000 for this beast.