Just about everything looks cooler in slow-motion, and these five videos prove it. Continue reading to see silly string, rocket launches, computer servers, billiards, and a lighter in super slow-motion.

1. Silly String

When you think of silly string, slow-motion photography doesn’t usually come to mind. That is unless, you’re YouTube user “jeremiahjw”. For those unfamiliar with silly string, it “is a polymer-based resin which was originally formulated using the chlorofluorocarbon propellant Freon 12, one of a group of compounds believed to damage the ozone layer.”

2. Rocket Launches

Most rocket launches are quick and uneventful, but slowing things down brings new light to the hobby. The dramatic music and near-perfect synchronization also makes things a bit more exciting to say the least. The rockets featured in this video use “model K motors, which is different than your standard Estes rocket motor.”

3. Computer Servers

You may have a rugged computer server that can withstand spills, shocks, and more, but 3-pounds of Tannerit explosives will quickly change that. This clip was filmed on the RED One by James Burgess, and on the Casio EX-F1 and Sony EX-1 by YouTube user “jeremiahjw”.

4. Billiards

Playing billiards is a lot more technical than you may think, especially when the balls are shown colliding with each other and the table in super slow motion. According to the photographer, this clip was “filmed with special high speed-cameras (2000FPS) and infrared-cameras (sensitivity 0,08 degrees Celsius).”

5. Lighter

Observing a lighter in-action usually means a few sparks before the flame kicks in. However, the process in slow-motion is mesmerizing.


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