Unleash your inner James Bond with these five cool spy gadgets. Highlights include the Mobile Torch, Shotgun Flashlight, and more. Vote for your favorites after the jump.

XB30 RC Digital Camera Spy Plane

Estes presents the XB-30, a radio controlled digital camera spy plane. This plane has a built-in digital camera that can take up to “26 aerial photographs” with the push of a button on the transmitter. Transferring the images to your computer is a breeze, just detach the camera, and connect to a USB port. The XB-30 is powered by electric fan engines with a wingspan of 55 in. and is 34 in. long. [Source]

80,000 Volt Electric Suitcase

Keep all your secret documents safe with this shocking suitcase — 80,000 volts to be exact. The electric shock alarm is activated at the push of a button via remote control. A built-in secondary 107db alarm keeps would be thieves away. Available in brown or black colors, this suitcase comes packaged with 16 batteries and two remotes.

Nobody will be able to grab or take the suitcase. So your valuables are safe


Shotgun Flashlight

ARES Defense Systems has developed a Mag-Lite that doubles as a .410 gauge shotgun.

A grenade-style pin removes the safety, and the flashlight fires a .410 shotgun round out the back when a button is pressed. A Mini-Mag size fires a .380 round


Mobile Torch

Anyone who handles paper currency should give the Mobile Torch a try. This cell phone accessory is capable of detecting fake bank notes that are missing special watermarks normally invisible to the naked eye. It’s very compact (5.6 x 2.9 x 0.6 cm) and lasts for 20 hours on two replaceable CR1220 Lithium batteries.

“Widely used for checking the articles with fluorescence anti-fake symbol such as bank note, valuable papers, ID card, credit card, driving license, invoice and so on. – convenient operation – compact design – high quality with additional illumination function.”


Siemens SL-65 Interceptor

Not your ordinary SL-65, this “Interceptor” version allows users to “dial up the device’s super-secret number to instantly surreptitious listen in on whatever’s happening up to five meters away from the mic.” One drawback, it’s priced at a whopping $2,155.

For even more “proof” of an ongoing scandal, the phone will automatically send the caller an SMS whenever a call is made or received, so you can spend ever more time wondering who’s calling at 1:00AM

[Source 12]

Custom-Built Bluetooth Spy Tank

Chris’s custom-built G.A.R.E.V. vehicle is powered by 8 AA batteries and includes a twin gearbox to “provide independant drive to each side of the vehicle.”

Two standard micro servos, like the kind used in micro RC helicopters are used to provide pan and tilt functionality to a small wireless video camera mounted on top. Communication to a PC for remote control is via a Bluetooth connection. Communication to the web is enabled via what is essentially a TCP/IP to COM port interface in the form of a small application running on a PC


Honorable Mention – CP-1 USB Spy Mouse

Keep a close ear on your computer with the CP-1. Hidden inside this otherwise normal looking mouse is a condenser microphone – capable of picking up on any nearby conversations. It measures 53 x 95 x 35 mm and weighs just 75g.

CP-1 keeps on transmitting until PC is switched on. Once you switch off the PC, CP-1 continues recording