Tasers and stun guns can both potentially be lethal weapons, but the technology behind them is quite fascinating to say the least. In technical speak, they’re “electroshock weapon[s] that use electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles.” Continue reading to see five of the coolest examples.

1. Blast Knuckles

Brass Knuckles is a heavy duty stunner. First, it requires only 2 Lithium batteries to deliver 950,000V at the push of a button. Next, it fits snugly into your pocket, at 4-ounces. A safety switch and no-slip rubber casing, ensures that you don’t accidentally shock yourself.

2. Cell Phone Stun Gun

Sure, it may look like a Sony Ericsson K95 from afar, but you don’t want to get too close to this thing as it’s packing one-million volts of electricity. Let’s just say if you decide to try it on yourself, expect some permanent scars.

3. The Armor Sleeve

More than just a wearable taser, the BodyGuard combines a laser pointer, video camera, taser and armored plate to really show someone that you mean business. It’s currently in development and will be released to the public sooner than later, or so we’ve heard.

4. Taser Blade

Built by YouTube user “mikmkt93”, this homemade taser is more than meets the eye, as it doubles as a functional blade. According to its creator, the “taser’s electricity only flows through the area you touch — the shock flows though your body — making this a potentenialy lethal weapon.”

5. Triple-Shot Taser X3 Gun

Unlike other tasers, the Taser X3 has a multi-shot design that allows it to fire three probes in rapid succession. Its Shaped Pulse Technology “utilizes a high voltage leading edge to penetrate barriers such as clothing around the body followed by a lower voltage stimulation pulse to cause Neuro Muscular Incapacitation.”

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