Don’t you just coming up to a traffic light only for it to have just turned yellow? You can take out the guesswork with the hourglass LED design you see above. Simply put, all drivers will know exactly how much time they have until the next light, complete with countdown meter. We’ve rounded up three of the coolest traffic light designs of the future for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

5. SmartLight

Who knows if we’ll even be using traffic lights a decade from now, but what we have here is the Smart Traffic Light. Simply put as possible, it uses LEDs, along with a camera, to capture street-view videos. When not counting down lights, they can also be used to photograph motorists who run red lights in a stealthy manner, unlike the distracting and bulky versions we have now.

4. Minimalist

Commissioned by the municipality of Kayseri in the heart of Turkey, Art Lebedev Studio has created a minimalist yet sleek-looking modular traffic light design that fits perfectly in a progressive atmosphere. One of the key innovative features is its bottom display, which can be used to display text alongside main color signals. The signal panels and displays themselves are comprised of LED clusters, and on the back, there’s an extra display should one be needed. Sticking with the minimalist design, the body is one solid cast piece, making it cost-effective and easy to maintain.

3. Mobius

Think of Mobius as the all-in-one of traffic lights. FEaturing vehicle signals, pedestrian signals and eve a street lamp to boot. The main goal is to reduce the visual mishmash of lights and organize them into one neat strip. All of the main signal lights are still in standard format, meaning green, yellow, and red.

2. Droplet

How about a solar-powered traffic light that not only has notifications for motorists, but the latest news, weather and more for pedestrians as well? Meet Droplet. This futuristic traffic light is composed of little spherical modules that can be interchanged and used to display a host of information, or even advertisements should the city need some extra money.

1. Hourglass

Let’s face it, the traditional design of 3 separate sections for each signal light color is outdated and inefficient to say the least. So, why not replace it with a single LED display that can be used in hourglass form to notify motorists and pedestrians alike? This out-of-the-box hourglass design does just that.