You know you’ve purchased a knockoff action figure, when the toy that’s supposed to be Robocop is labeled as Robert Cop 3. Or, Sound Wave being mistaken for a mere Change Robot. Continue reading to see them all — inspired by Forkparty.

1. Robert Cop 3

Robocop fans may be familiar with this character’s armor, but most certainly not the name: Robert Cop 3. Fortunately, this knockoff does look halfway decent. On the other side, it almost sounds like a knockoff of a knockoff gone wrong.

2. Special Man

You know what they say, if you can’t be Super Man, don’t be SpecialMan either. Everything from the packaging to the logo seems to be a bit off, or we’re just a bit too harsh on this caped super knockoff.

3. Titanic Bot

Out of all the cool ships, planes, and jets, this company decided to turn the Titanic into a Transformers robot, complete with a weapon of some sort. While it’s a robot, the detailing leaves much to be desired.

4. Spader-Man

You won’t get just one Spader-Man in this knockoff package, but five — with one including suction cup hands rather than sticky spider webs. Despite including every character, the box still says to collect them all.

5. Silverbat

Batman fans will definitely not mistake Silverbat for their beloved masked super hero, as this knockoff has a non-matching outfit and is for some reason, riding a horse. Plus, you can also add a strange red cape to the list of oddities.