You can either design your own funny business card, hire a firm / freelancer, or get inspiration from the examples you find online. Continue reading to see five of the funniest business cards ever — image above via.

1. Meat Card

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh beef jerky, except if it’s being used as a business card. Though it may be edible, all that ink and handling by random persons makes it quite unhealthy to say the least.

2. Programmer’s Business Card

If you’re a freelance programmer / web developer, there’s not much potential customers or associates need to know aside from that you “write code, motherf&*cker”. Oh, an email address would be a nice touch as well.

3. Self-Appointed Parking Maid

Don’t you just hate when a driver decides to double or triple park their car, preventing you from getting a good spot at the next Apple product launch? Well, this is the perfect business card for the occasion.

4. Penny Shooter

Sure, the Penny Shooter may not be your standard issue business card, but at least this creation lets you “load 10 US pennies and fire them off in rapid succession.” No word yet on availability or pricing.

5. Best Business Card

To sum this person’s business card up in one word: “crap”. He supposedly spent 25-years designing a silver foil laden, die-cut, embossed business card for himself that cost $4 a piece. It’s so special that it doesn’t even fit in a rolodex.