Most of us have watched a Home Shopping Network / QVC or infomercial marathon at one time or another, due to sleeplessness. Here are five of the funniest fails that we’ve come across. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Wii Cracked the Screen

Before you attempt to demonstrate Wii Tennis on a live television broadcast, definitely be sure the Wiimote is securely latched onto your wrist. This guy was apparently confused as to whether it was a game or real tennis match.

2. Take Lessons First

When is a katana not just a katana? When you have no clue what you’re doing and start banging it on a desk, causing a severe injury to your arm. Yes, the host really said the person need emergency surgery in the studio.

3. Ladder is Fine

The ladder in this infomercial shows just how durable its construction really is, outlasting the person climbing it. Unfortunately, despite the human error, sales most likely plummeted after this fail.

4. Horse or Butterfly?

Instead of reading the teleprompter, be sure to actually look at what you’re presenting before showing it to the audience. This fail has the salesman calling out horse, when the actual object is a butterfly.

5. Alone Time with Dell

Sure, it may be 2am where this caller is from, but that doesn’t mean he’s lonely. This guy called specifically to tell QVC that he was using his machine to browse adult-related websites.