Photo credit: FJ

It’s always a good time to visit your favorite theme park for a few thrills, especially if they have roller coasters. Unfortunately (or fortunately), some people are dragged onto these attractions and then proceed to react accordingly. Continue reading to see five of the funniest.

5. Corkscrew

Shot at Seaworld on Australia’s Gold Coast, this mom is having a blast riding the corkscrew roller coaster, that is if…you consider a blast holding onto the harness for dear life and screaming profanities.

4. Chuck Norris

If Chuck Norris were to ride any roller coaster, this would probably be his reaction. Yes, this is the infamous “Goliath” roller coaster at Six Flags, and it includes a 255-foot opening drop, along with speeds of up to 85 mph. So, being related to Chuck Norris could be the only logical explanation for his lack of expressions.

3. Eyes Closed

We have to admit, just thinking about the “SAW” movies is spine chilling, but when translated into a roller coaster, it’s a whole new beast. So much so that this kid will probably be scarred for life, as he was already crying before the train even left the station.

2. Slingshot

Though not technically a roller coaster, this “Slingshot” ride reaction was too good to not feature here. Apparently, his chest harness wasn’t tight enough during the ride, so on top of his nerves, he had to deal with trying to not be flung off it.

1. Emotional Roller Coaster

This kid is definitely an emotional roller coaster, both figuratively and literally. According to his father, YouTube user “Johnnyjct”, it wasn’t his first roller coaster ride, but his only one on this particular coaster during the recording.