No, you won’t find Ben Heck’s work in this list, as we’ve covered his 10 best creations here. What you’ll find here is the five coolest homemade portable game consoles that we’ve come across in recent time, including Brian Henderson’s amazing SNESp (above). Continue reading to see them all.

1. Portable SNES

In addition to its LED-backlit display, this custom-built portable SNES, by Brian Henderson, features integrated stereo speakers, TV-out, and is powered via internal lithium battery or external DC charger. That’s not all, there’s also dedicated volume and brightness controls up top.

2. Dreamcast Tablet

When is a SEGA Dreamcast not just a SEGA Dreamcast? When it’s converted into a fully-functional, portable tablet system. Best of all, it “also boasts external A/V connections, so you can always hook it up to a TV should you be so inclined.”

3. IntoGrafx

Why bother getting a G2PX Wiz to play TurboGrafx games on-the-go, when you’ve got the skills to build your own custom portable version, like gamer “Bacteria”. Called IntoGrafx, this device allows you to play TurboGrafx and PC-Engine HUcard games, using original hardware and original game carts – not emulation.”

4. NCube

File this under: incredible custom gaming consoles. Built by hailrazer of Ben Heck’s forums, the NCube originally started out as a Datamax Kid’s Delight toy, which was then gutted and fitted with GameCube internals along with a PSOne display.

5. iNto64

Built by talented modder Bacteria (John), the iNto64 is essentially a Nintendo DSi XL-sized portable N64 system. Weighing in at just 2-pounds, this console features a custom vacuum formed case, Sony PSone screen, rumble / memory card slot, and an official N64 motherboard. Two Canon BP-915 camcorder batteries provide up to 3-hours of continuous usage.


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