Apple has just released their iTunes Rewind list for 2009, which is essentially a compilation of the top apps. We’ve selected the top five games that our team has play tested, and just couldn’t stop testing. If you have any notable games that you’d like to add, please leave a comment. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Jet Car Stunts – $1.99

Jet Car Stunts is an over the top, adrenaline rush, 3D driving game, with massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways and outlandish maneuvers in impossible environments.

4. geoDefense – $1.99

Using exciting vectorized graphics, this highly kinetic game brings a whole new dimension to the tower defense genre. Devastate creeps with blasters, lasers and missiles and watch their energy debris swirl through the gravity wells of your vortex towers.

3. Doom Classic – $6.99

DOOM Classic includes the original three episodes as well as Episode Four, Thy Flesh Consumed, spread across 36 levels of non-stop carnage and action.

2. Eliminate Pro – Free

Engage in multiplayer first-person combat against real players from around the world. Your goal is simple: put the most advanced weapons systems to the ultimate test against real player combatants.

1. Firemint Real Racing – $4.99

Race the way you want to, with 5 different game modes. Challenge friends in local multiplayer and leave them in your dust! Work your way up from rookie to world champion in Career mode. Slice off another split second in Time Trial and upload your personal best.