Edgar Mueller is one of this decade’s most celebrated 3D street artists, and he’s got the work to back it up. Whether it be a Lava Burst, Ice Age, or Flash Food inspired designs, you’ll find them after the break — all images are property of Metanamorph.

1. A Cave in London

What began as a normal looking street quickly transformed into “A Cave in London”. According to Edgar, “it is believed that a light earthquake unearthed the cave which is estimated to be over 10 million years old.” Fortunately, everyone who has dared traverse this cave has come out alive.

2. Ice Age

This is not real, but rather an illusion that was created “by applying the anamorphic technique to a huge pavement painting — around 250 square meters — and he paints over urban areas to give them a different look and thereby challenge the audience’s perception.

3. Lava Burst

From afar, it may appear as if one had stepped into a movie scene, but it’s just another one of Edgar’s amazing 3D street paintings. In the words of its creator: “The look falls to an apparently quite normal street of a German, medium-sized town. But an apocalyptic scene offers itself to the observer. The floor has burst and lava flow into a raging sea there where cars ran once and the people followed their weekday.”

4. Waterfall

Touted as one of the largest drawings that Edgar Mueller has taken on, the Waterfall covers an area of 2905-square-feet. When pictures are snapped from the right angle, it appears as if the bystanders are skipping across the rocks and/or falling into the watery abyss.

5. Street Cave

The last place you’d expect to find a cave is probably in Germany, but that’s exactly where this one ended up. What sets this project apart from Edgar’s others is that he ran into some unexpected weather (rain) and even strange guests (bicyclists) during the design process.