Our editors have complied a list of the five most creative computers for your viewing enjoyment. Whch ones are your favorites?

Honorable Mention – LEGO

Created by Alex, this incredible LEGO computer case not only looks cool, but is fully-functional. Video after the jump.

Studs hold the motherboard together, Lego supporting beams hold up the PSU, and even the “slot screws” are Lego bushings

5. Pumpkin

A modder managed to cram a fully-functional PC inside this pumpkin. It features a 1.6-GHz Intel Penium M processor, 512MB of DDR2 memory, a DVD/RW drive, and lots of LED lighting. Instructions here.

The pumpkin modification started by hollowing out and drying the squash for the night. The next day, fans were stuck into the eyes with the grills screwed directly into the flesh. A Latitude D410 motherboard was then attached to a clipboard and shoved into the “case”


4. Unidyne

This “Shure Model 55 Unidyne microphone”-inspired case mod features a VIA M10000 motherboard w/1-GHz Nehemiah-core CPU, 512MB of memory, and a 40GB HDD. More information here.

These components are combined with a modified PCI slot exhaust fan and formed into a cartridge-styled unit that is separate and independent from the case. The cables are bound into a single unit to simulate a microphone cable. The computer took approximately six weeks to complete


3. Leela

Vang1 created this nifty Futurama-inspired case mod, which features a Mini-ITX motherboard, an LCD display on the arm, removable thumb drive, and a webcam integrated into the eyeball. More pictures here. [Source]


The Screen Savers! gives us a detailed look at this nifty NES PC. Beneath the plastic shell lies a 1GHz VIA C3 processor, 512MB of PC2100 memory, 20GB 5400RPM hard drive, Morex 90W PSU, and Panasonic Combo Drive.[Source]

1. Bender

Created by Bizardo, this Bender case mod took over 4 months and $1000+ to build. We’ve got a few more pictures and a short video after the jump.

It works fine, i use it for watching DVD movies playing music and for LAN parties. well i hate boring square grey computercases, and i have alwaysbeen a big Futurama fan, so i desided to build Bender