Many gamers, young and old, most likely have an NES controller laying around somewhere. For those who do not have a functional NES console, here are five creative ideas that would put them to good use. Continue reading to see them all.

1. NES Controller MP3 Player

Flickr user “technicolorcavalry” wanted to create the best looking iPod Shuffle ever, so what did he do? Stuffed it inside an NES controller. Best of all, “the only external parts of the controller that Dave modified were the start/select buttons, which now contain small switches instead of the original rubber buttons, and a cut on the right side of the controller for the USB port.”

2. NES Controller iPhone Dock

There’s no better way to combine old with new than by turning an old NES controller into a functional iPhone or iPod Touch dock. If that’s something you’re interested in, Geeky-Gadgets is the one to thank for this brilliant idea. An iPad version — maybe the iPhone 4G as well — with a more powerful charging cable will be the next upgrade.

3. NES Controller Computer Mouse

What do you get when you combine an optical mouse with an NES controller? An NES controller computer mouse of course. On this particular model, the “A” button was remapped to right click and “B” assigned to the left click mouse buttons. Scrolling, unfortunately, didn’t make the cut.

4. NES Controller DS Case

From a distance, it may appear as an oversized NES controller, but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it’s just a Nintendo DS case modded to look like one. Yes, a real NES controller was taken apart and then reassembled onto the top half of a DS case. Unfortunately, functionality was not retained.

5. NES Controller Memory Card Reader

Though many desktop and laptop computer systems come with built-in memory card readers, it’s always nice to see a custom-built creation, especially one that is made from an old NES controller. This modder basically gutted the accessory, cut new slots into it, and then soldered a USB cable on to finish things off.


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