If you’ve got some spare time (and/or a large bankroll), here are five creative uses for LCDs that you might be able to try yourself.

5. DIY Wireless LCD

Max shows us how to build your own wireless LCD screen in just “5 minutes” using ACODE-300 Bluetooth modules. Full instructions here.

The ACODE-300 Bluetooth modules are very easy to use and can be applied to any serial RS232 interface. You can make a wireless applications such as this one or any other wired app into a wireless app


4. Xbox 360 LCD Mod

File this under: “Creative Xbox 360 Case Mods” Divineo managed to hack a 5.8-inch widescreen LCD into the side of the console.

Of course, with such a wee screen, all hopes of multi-player battles are next to hopeless, and even single-player action just might put an unhealthy strain on your retinas. Nevertheless, the mod-happy firm is offering it up to anyone interested, and while we doubt these folks are actually selling US units

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3. LCD Monitor Wall

Have a spare wall? “Crazy Jon” from QJ.net did and decided to mount twelve LCD monitors for the ultimate gaming/productivity setup.

…twelve 30-inch Dell flatscreen monitors are sitting in his office, and he’s grinning from ear to ear. Also among the pile of goodies are six NVidia GeForce 7900 GTX 512mb video cards, and three Turbo-Cool 1KW 1000-watt power supplies.


2. LCD Mouse Mod

Modder Jani ‘Japala’ Pönkkö added an LCD display (Nokia 6610) into a Logitech G5 laser mouse. Full instructions here.

The controller requires adding three more wires to the mouse. These are connected to a parallel port. The screen can only show about 1 frame per second, but that is fast enough for general statistics or showing photos. It’s a really clean build. A clever trick was using a piece of plastic from the blister pack to cover the screen since it was already the same shape as the mouse


1. Quake 3 Done Right

How about playing Quake 3 on a 24 monitor wall? Yes, that’s exactly what the guys over at plastk did by running the game on a 12-node Linux cluster with two monitors per server.