Our editors have compiled a list of five creative Xbox 360 case mods for your enjoyment. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. Continue reading for the entire list.

5. Battle Worn

You can’t get much more creative than this “Battle Worn” Xbox 360 case mod. It boasts all the injuries you’d expect from a case that went to war.

This Xbox looks like it’s straight from the set of the nonexistent Fallout movie. Post-apocalyptic scratches, dings, and peeled paint make you feel like this Xbox 360 has seen more than just the inside of your home theatre cabinet


4. HL:2 Case Mod

File this under: “Cool Xbox 360 Case ModsBit-Tech pointed us to this incredible HL:2 case mod by “PinPoint” of QJ forums.

The Xbox 360 mod has a massive window cut in the top, and a further window and decal added to the DVD drive. There’s an awesome layered logo on the bottom, and the console is designed to be stood up, with a fantastic paint job. It’s a slick finish and the whole thing works really well, with some nice geometric shapes giving it a unique appeal

3. Incredible “Gears of War” Case Mod

If Microsoft were to ever release a limited edition “Gears of War” Xbox 360, this would be it.


2. Call of Duty 2

This amazing Call of Duty 2 case mod features a mini battle scene, complete with army men and a tank.

Problem is, the owner probably can’t turn on his console to play Call of Duty for fear that all the soldiers will melt. You know, because the console runs so hot


1. Tissue Alarm Clock Case Mod

Here’s a first: an “XBox 360 Tissue-Dispensing Alarm Clock Case Mod” — which features “not only intense tissue-dispensing action, but a snazzy EL-based alarm clock.” Unfortunately, instructions weren’t provided on how to build your own — that is, if you have a broken 360 laying around.

…the Xbox 360 case mod sheds all such constraints such as “functionality” and “reason” for a case mode made especially in our honor