Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Slim is coming sooner than later, according to the spy photos released earlier this year of its hardware components. So, it’s only fitting that we count down the five most creative mods of this current generation. Continue reading to see them all.

1. One-Handed Xbox 360 Controller

This custom-built one-handed Xbox 360 controller was created by none other than the master video game hacker himself: Ben Heck. According to Ben, “before the right analog stick is actuated by setting this controller against a leg or table; an elastic strap/velcro attaches everything to your hand.”

2. Xbox 360 Joystick

Built by SRK member Akira Kuramoto, this is one Xbox 360 accessory you won’t find at your local Gamestop. Basically, he decided to one-up its wired Xbox 360 joystick predecessor by creating a wireless version. That’s not all, it’s decked out with colorful push buttons — LEDs will soon be added to them — and even a clear ball top joystick.

3. Halo 3 Scene

What may seem like a Halo 3 diorama at first is actually a fully-functional Xbox 360 that looks it belongs in one of Bungie’s highly popular games. Aside from the soldiers, grassy area, stones, transparent case, the system even comes with matching silver controllers to boot.

4. Xbox 360 Car

Sure, playing Xbox 360 while driving isn’t the best idea, but with this car, you can easily entertain guests. Simply press the power button, flip down the visors, which have integrated LCD displays, and they’re ready to play. Just hope you don’t get a RROD on a long road trip.

5. Xbox 360 Laptop

The one-handed controller above is most certainly creative, but we couldn’t leave Ben Heck’s Xbox 360 laptop off this list. His latest revision features a 17-inch widescreen Gateway monitor, built-in Ethernet port, an integrated Wi-Fi adapter, digital pushbutton volume controls, Jasper motherboard, and two USB ports.

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