From afar, you’d almost think that someone was shipping an iPad or tablet computer of sorts, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the only thing inside was a tiny battery. Continue reading to see five more examples of extreme packaging FAILS.

5. SD Card

Amazon’s innovative “frustration free” packaging is great in most cases, but when you’re using a box that is larger than the size of 3-4 soda cans to ship an SD card, something is definitely wrong.

4. Toxic

Shipping toxic materials, like ethidium bromide, can be quite dangerous to say the least, but is all this packaging really necessary? It was packed in bubble wrap, inside a large paper-filled bag, inside a closed tin, in a really big box, in an even bigger box.

3. Screws

Shipping 65 individual screws doesn’t sound like a hard task, that is unless…you’re Dell. The computer retailer wanted to make this person go insane, so they shipped each individual screw in its own envelope.

2. The Giant

A box the size of a lounge chair should at least contain a computer, right? In this case, not even close. For some reason this Amazon distribution center couldn’t find a smaller box. So, they opted to use this giant one for two small things.

1. Power Cord

Ok, now this is just getting ridiculous. HP decided to strap this box to a pallet, saw 1/4 of it off, and then shrink wrap the rest. Shockingly enough, after tearing off all the packaging, only a power cord was to be found.

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