Not all NES cases look boring. These five cases take creativity and design to a whole new level. Which one is your favorite?

NES Tribal Edition

Kotomi — creator of the NEStation — shows off his latest creation, the “Tribal NES 2.0“. This masterfully modded NES comes complete with fake rust for a worn look, custom switches/knobs, LED lighting, and what looks like a fan up top.

NES Kamikaze

This beautiful case mod boasts a pink sun design, with a center that lights up when the machine is turned on. Plus, it comes with a matching controller. [Source]


If Nintendo came out with a Lego NES case, this would be it. Everything is 100% Lego – power/reset buttons, controller ports, LED light cover, and even the vents up top. One more picture here.[Source]


The NEStation is one of the most unique console mods we’ve ever come across. A French modder painted his NES completely black with blue accents, created a custom vertical stand, installed four blue LEDs, and than carved in a PS2-style logo on its side. [Source]

Zelda NES

This is a must have for any Zelda fan. Created by Kotomi, this masterfully crafted case features a custom gold paint job and an illuminated Triforce in the middle. [Source]

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