Not all Nintendo DS systems look boring. These five examples take creativity to a whole new level. Highlights include the NES Controller mod, MegaDrive, and more. Which one do you like best?

5. Nintendo DS Famicom

This Famicom-styled Nintendo DS brings us back to the 80’s, complete with red/gold/black color scheme and custom painted buttons. [Source]

4. Nintendo DS MegaDrive Mod

This Sega MegaDrive/Genesis themed Nintendo DS case is complete with matching color scheme and “16 Bit” decal. [Source]

3. Nintendo DS Zelda Edition

Kotomi shows off his latest creation, a custom Zelda-themed Nintendo DS, complete with triforce.

2. Nintendo DS Game & Watch

These Nintendo DS systems were masterfully painted to look like Game & Watch handheld games (Donkey Kong and Zelda), complete with stickers, artwork, and matching color schemes. [Source]

1. NES Controller DS Mod

It’s sheer eye candy. A modder who goes by Hatrix gives the Nintendo DS a touch of retro NES flavor. An amazing feat of design, Hatrix took apart his entire DS, sanded off the paint, rubbed it down with a brasso, and carefully integrated the NES controller face logo.

“I went for the style of the original DS with the black middle, but didn’t quite get there.. still it looks pretty good. I cut the button holes in the top of the lid and stuck the NES buttons and Start and Select buttons through, but the Directional Pad I simply glued on with super glue.”

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