While most BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) messages aren’t critical, they just plain don’t belong in some places, like an ATM machine for example. Continue reading to see the five of the funniest BSOD messages ever — image above via.

1. Bank of America ATM Machine

So, you withdrew money from your local Bank of America ATM machine, but the infamous BSOD popped up before any cash was dispensed. Should you call your bank or Microsoft? We’re guessing the former, but it’s still a sight to see nonetheless.

2. Paris Las Vegas

The last thing you want to see while leisurely strolling the Las Vegas Strip is a BSOD, but that’s what happened when the Paris Las Vegas balloon decided to show its true form. Though we much rather see a custom Mac vs PC ad, with the characters battling each other on two different panels.

3. Airport

If you’re already late for your flight, a BSOD most certainly won’t help speed things up. On the bright side, it seems to have only affected a non-critical panel, as the gate information and flight schedule are shown on the other 3.

4. Touchscreen Coke Machine

Technology has its disadvantages too, or at least when it comes to Coke machines. This particular example is one of the newer touchscreen models that had some troubles booting up, due to faulty hardware.

5. Belt

No, it’s not some high-tech computer belt, but rather just a faux screen printed onto the buckle. However, it might warn other geeks that something might be wrong with your waistline, should it be worn at the gym.


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