Our editors have compiled a list five real-life video game spoofs/shorts for your enjoyment. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the full list.

5. Pong/Space Invaders

A group of students from Switzerland have recreated the classic games of Pong and Space Invaders using real humans.

4. Mario

Students from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts made this short Super Mario Bros. skit which supposedly recreates a level from the actual game.

3. Metal Gear Solid

A group of Taiwanese Metal Gear fans created this amusing clip.

The voice-overs are from the Japanese version of the game, and the subtitles are in Chinese. The fist fight on the basketball court is quite charming.


2. Punch Out

One of our readers sent in this amusing real life “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” video clip, complete with live band, costumes, and props — follow up to the real life Super Mario Bros.

1. Counter-Struck

Chris, the creator, spent around 60-80 hours making this short, which included writing, shooting, and editing.

Counter-Struck tells the story of a gamer so obsessed with Counter-Strike that his distinction of what is real and what is not slowly fades away.

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