Nothing could go wrong with something as simple as a glass door, right? If you thought that was true, then these five videos will definitely change your mind, and they’re stranger than you think. Continue reading to see more.

5. Straight Through

Can glass be too clean? Apparently so, as this man unknowingly walks directly into a giant pane of glass that definitely shatters a bit too easily. The sad part is that the actual door was right next to it.

4. Store Door

Now this accident is more puzzling because the door was clearly framed and this person didn’t seem to be drunk or distracted (cell phone, etc.), yet he still manages to destroy the door.

3. Ouch

You can spot quality glass just by the sound, which is clearly heard in this epic fail. Fortunately (or unfortunately), it seems that nobody really noticed, except for the entire internet.

2. Automatic

If you don’t yet understand how automatic doors work, then it’s probably time you spent a day at a local shopping center, as there are at least a dozen stores equipped with them.

1. Revolving

According to one source, this person was pushing the revolving door by hand when someone hit the wheelchair button, which automatically lays the doors flat, and aligns them perpendicular to the side walk. Normally, there’s a motion sensor that prevents this from happening when the thing is in use, but something malfunctioned here.

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