There are many geeks who have not yet ventured to Japan for various reasons, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the gadgets that come from the country. We’ve rounded up five of the strangest (or coolest) home gadgets from Japan for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading to see them all – product pages are directly linked in the title.

5. Ionic Plus Vitamin C Shower

Yes, you can now get your daily dose of vitamin C by simply showering. Introducing the Ionic Plus Vitamin C Shower. The shower head itself is designed to filter “stimulating vitamins” into the water. The refreshing ion stream is supposedly both relaxing and healthy, and with a powerful water flow.

4. Dictionary Pillow

Thanks to the Dictionary Pillow, it’ll look like you fell asleep studying to friends and / or family rather than just being lazy. When you’re feeling sleepy, just casually reach for this like you would any reading material from your desk drawer, filing cabinet or shelf. It even comes in a paper case for added authenticity.

3. Noiseless USB Karaoke Mic

Practicing your singing without bothering anyone just became a lot more easier (and awkward), with the noiseless USB karaoke microphone. Simply put, the sound-proof urethane cup fits around your mouth and the whole set connects to your iPhone or iPad via a standard USB cable. Next, just load up SEGA’s karaoke app, and you’re ready to sing.

2. Ice Ball Mold

Why settle for boring ice cubes, when you could make a perfect frozen sphere? The Ice Ball Mold is just the gadget you need. Though slightly strange-looking, it spheres of ice are preferred because the smaller surface area means the ice melts slower, keeping drinks cold without becoming too diluted.

1. Lying Down Laptop Stand

While we don’t condone using your laptop while laying down, this stand allows you to do just that. Just use the included slips and belts to secure your laptop, and then lie back and do what you need to do…in bed. You can adjust the angle and the height, and even flip it round so that it faces up and becomes a regular computer table.

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