Our editors have compiled a list of the five strangest Japanese toys for your enjoyment. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. Which ones are your favorites? “Continue reading” for the full list.

5. Rubber Band Machine Gun

This semi-automatic rubber band machine gun is powered by two AA batteries and made from Japanese cypress/silk wood/Chinese veneer. More information here (Japanese).

4. Airblade Racer

This radio controlled Airblade Racer features dual-action wheels, which gives it mobility on both land and water. No word yet on pricing and availability. [via NewLaunches]

3. Cat Bot Toy

This realistic cat robot made its debut at the 2006 Tokyo Toy Show and is looking to give all robotic pets a run for their money. It’s quite interesting to say the least — goes on sale September, 2006.[Sources]

2. World’s Smallest Functional Grand Piano

This is claimed to be the world’s smallest functional grand piano. It can either be played manually (w/sticks) or automatically via the built-in computer.

1. Land Walker

For our #1 entry, here’s a strange toy for the grownups. Created by Masaaki Nagumo, the “Land Walker” is a wearable robot suit that stands 3.4m high and weighs a hefty 907kg (1-ton) — “can walk forward, backward or sideways at 1.5 kph by operating four pedals, and shoots sponge bullets from two air guns installed beside the cockpit.” Available now in Japan, priced at a whopping $313,985USD.